Viva Most Online Article by Orsolya Farkas

Powerful Impact

"With Orlando Marosini 

expressionism gains an almost irritatingly exhaustive playful interpretation. His powerful impact lies not only in the flow of chaotic lines but in the interplay of vibrant colours as well. His drawings exude passion, frenzy, a tumultuous imaginative world that remind us of the spontaneity of the primitive art." 


The open air Swiss Art Expo in HB Zurich, brings an exciting breeze into the air. One can feel it beyond the mask.

Bellecapital AG mention

Kunst & Symbole

Speziell für unser Re-Branding wurden Bilder von einem jungen, passionierten Künstler aus Zürich geschaffen, Orlando Marosini. Die zeitgenössisch-abstrakten Werke unterstreichen unsere tägliche Arbeit, auch die Symbolik mancher gewöhnlich wirkender Objekte erschliesst sich manchmal erst auf den zweiten Blick. 


Abstraktion als Pendant zu unserer weltoffenen Kundschaft spiegelt die dynamischen Arbeitsprozesse von Bellecapital wider...

Article by Beatrice Lessi

Like A Gala Dress

When I first approached Orlando Marosini to tell him I would like to change some paintings in our house, I was surprised because he asked a photo of my living room. I sent it and told him I would love some pink shades near the piano. We shortly discussed what my wishes were, and Orlando, inspired but also very pleased to work “on commission”, produced a fabulous 130 x 130 canvas in the exact shades I wanted. Like a made to measure gala dress...

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