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Bellcapital AG | Wealth Management Firm in Zurich

Zurich Headquarters

In July 2019 I received a phone call from an agency in Zurich, that a Swiss private bank was looking to kick up their corporate identity a notch and thus wanted to refresh the look of their website and they could use the help of an up-and-coming artist. That's where I came in the picture. My latest and by far one of the most intriguing projects was to create 5 paintings for them <Bellecapital>. Now these works are digitally implemented on their webpage and some of them will be hanging in their Zurich HQ office. I would like to hereby say a quick thank you again to Bellecapital and Studio Frey for trusting me with this project. Being happy and proud from my side is an understatement.

marosini x bellecapital.jpg
Downtown Twelve _ Orlando Marosini.jpg

Downtown 12 | Boutique Hotel in Budapest

Downtown Twelve | Orlando Marosini

Creative Flow

I recently had the opportunity to furbish the newly opened boutique apart-hotel, Downtown Twelve in Budapest with 10 paintings of mine. The works were all created while I was on my holidays in Budapest and now can be seen on the walls of the lobby, reception and inside 7 rooms of the hotel. I also had the chance to paint directly onto the walls in one of the rooms, which you can see below in the gallery. The venue is organising a private viewing in the second half of  2020.

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