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Orlando Marosini | Studio | Drawing Exhibition

drawings hanging in the studio, also shown at 'Flaming Auras' my drawing show in June 21

Orlando Marosini


what excites me is the sheer parallel between existent and the non-existing. Worlds, creatures and events that are beyond the horizon of real, yet seemingly so familiar and tangible. All of this is given birth to in my brain, by anything and everything that ever meant something to me.

My Dad telling me to always seek a person’s reactions and to observe their thinking, seeing their world through looking into their eyes. That’s why there are so many facial emiotions apparent in my works. Each creature, just like a person on the street, will bear a different story within their emotional foregrounds.

For example, most of the fire creatures that i paint, are portraits of self. You can see the fierce, yet so playful childlike character under the pressure of needing to break free, gasping for oxygen. Well, oxygen to me has become my work of art. It is through which i can self-express, through which i can channel all thoughts, emotions, happy memories, not so happy memories (luckily from which i don’t have too many) and that seemingly endless amount of energy that i was gifted with.

And that is my next big circle in the equasion of my artistry. ENERGY.

If there is one thing, that I believe in the most, focus on as an ongoing general topic and live my daily life by, then it’s got to be it. That’s why most of my pieces are such high vibrancy, voltage-filled electro-fields. They are a reflection of my Aura. (hence my latest show’s title “Flaming Auras”) It is literally a wonder to me, that within visual arts, I am able to channel energy through the sense of colour, shapes and patterns.

I would like to add here that to an artist like myself there is no higher gratification as when becoming widely acclaimed, to be able to share that energy with/to the widest of audiences. That is why my long term absolute aim and goal is to exhibit and show my works through museums. Widest audiences equal the largest possible transmitting of energy.

There is really a whole bunch of themes that appear in my works, heavy influencers being cartoons and animation, goofy characters, definitely the world of video games, sci-fi, craze, architecture, elements of nature, situations of our World and imaginary places and creatures.

Afterall I like to show the viewer a very positive, optimistic picture even though one might ask in themselves: is this depicted face angry, furious, impatient? They might as well be, and thankfully with all those emotions which I tend to also carry, I am able to thrive as an artist, remaining a very happy, super positive and optimistic person, that only wants to create and share, to show the World, the present and future of art history what it is like to see through the eyes of Orlando Marosini.

Video created by Esteban Castle

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